Jan Pulsford – Reflections

Video Archive 75 – One of the nice things about getting er – old – er is that your early music becomes vintage, especially if it is on vinyl. So I’m delighted to see some of my Atmosphere Music library records from the analogue glory days of the 1980s being included in sample collections by young – er – remixers ! If you use a sample don’t forget to send me a copy of your mix!
Here’s Reflections

Jan Pulsford – Come on Home Remix

Video Archive 61 -The daily video archive returns with Junior Vasquez in the studio with Cyndi Lauper working on the remix of ‘Come on Home’ and Cyndi showing off her amazing voice and why she became such a superstar. There is a little bit of Sir Jam’s rap which I recorded in my studio but it never made it to the final cut … does anyone have a version of that Demetrius SirJam Ross? Happy days in New York City in the nineties.

Jan Pulsford – Higher Plane

Video Archive 20 – Higher Plane – one of my favourite but least known Cyndi Lauper songs “Wake me, shake me – Come on take me to a higher plane. Let the music and the rhythm carry me away . . .” Unfortunately the song never really saw the light of day (Ah the music business a story with every song :)) There were some club remixes and this video is a fan made montage of the fabulous Ms Lauper using the Shine album mix which was released in Japan. Anyone got the remixes? Would love to have a copy … Enjoy!