Jan Pulsford – August 06 – The Bell in the Park

Video Archive 59 – The Bell in the Park

Today, August 6th, we remember Hiroshima – I was fortunate to have visited Japan many times when playing keyboards on various tours. The city of Hiroshima became a favourite of mine with all paths leading to the Peace Park. I made a digital audio recording of a walk i made through the Park. You can hear footsteps, crows and the sound of the creaking of the bell as i pulled the wooden post back to ring the bell of peace. Years later I was going through some old DATs and found that afternoon captured in time. When I started performing live shows on line I improvised music over those moments and released it as ‘ The Bell in the Park’
This is a video by Deceptions Digital inspired by the music

Jan Pulsford – Egyptian Fog

Video Archive 13 – Egyptian Fog

Since 2006 I have been exploring music and arts in the virtual world of Second Life as the virtual performance artist JaNa KYoMooN. Here, behind the monitor, I have met some of the most interesting people including Wizzy Gynoid who introduced me to the mysteries of Shadows and Sacred Geometry. She used my music ‘Egyptian Fog’ for a very early video of the 600 Cell Polytope. Her recent work continues to be nothing short of mind boggling and hopefully there will be more collaborative hi-res videos to post one day.