Jan Pulsford – The Christmas Waltze

Video Archive 46 – The Christmas Waltze – It’s the middle of summer but I’m thinking of dancing the waltze with you – Are you a dancer – a waltzer? Wanna be part of a Xmas Waltze documentary with Phil Jackson?

Send in a few seconds or even minutes of video from your smart phone …dancing, singing, reciting, performing – anything that’s legal! Download the free sheet music – We’ll all be dancing the Christmas Waltze sooner than you think!

Jan Pulsford – The Christmas Waltzer

A little detour today – The Christmas Waltzer himself Phil Jackson features in The Rutles At Koko – Documentary with the legendary Neil Innes – and a special treat for all guitarists at 20:00 where Elliott Randal reels in the years . . . Now talk about 6 degrees of separation . .. Back in New York in the 90s I was part of the crowd in the Ruttles ‘reunion’ video of Shangrila along with Cyndi, Felicia Collins, Earth Kitt, Gloria Gaynor, Ben E King, David Sanborn et al! As you can imagine it was a fun video to be part of

Great stuff Phil!