Jan Pulsford – Bonga Bonga Bonga!

Video Archive 35 – Bonga Bonga Bonga do the Christmas Conga! – Last week, on the hottest day of the year, Phil Jackson and I did an interview for BBC Radio Suffolk about the Christmas Waltze ( yes less than 6 months to the big day) I jokingly mentioned one of my Xmas songs gets into the list of the worst every year – haha – i think it’s one of the best – brings a smile and cheer. Here’s a fun video someone made to go with the Christmas Conga sung and co-written by the inimitable Cyndi Lauper of course!

Jan Pulsford – If You Believe

Video Archive 31 – If you Believe – And now for something completely different – Here’s a song I had a hand in writing with Faye Tozer of Steps and Cyndi. This version shows how a song can be arranged in OH so many different ways. Here’s Faye doing a dance routine to a tripped out version of what started out as a mid tempo ballad on the Steps Album ‘Buzz’.