Jan Pulsford – Light is Knowledge

I became a full member of the PRS (Performing Rights Society who collect royalties for composers and songwriters) in the early 80s – That’s a lot of music to take care of! At the behest of one of my publishers I recently made a database to try and track where everything was and unearthed many gems on YouTube which I’m intending to post as I find them – hopefully Facebook will be around long enough to keep this archive open – see you in a couple of years!

Video Archive 1 – Back to the 80s – Light is Knowledge – from Sailor Moon

Originally available on vinyl from Atmosphere Library Music – and what you are hearing is my favourite Yamaha grand piano recorded in Atmosphere Studios, Soho and my beloved Oberheim OBXa with DX drum machine and obligitary 80s gated reverb snare with Art of Noise/Laurie Anderson inspired vocal sample generated from an AMS (no samplers except the extremely expensive Fairlight and Synclavier back then) Ah those were the days!

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